Data Engineer and Visualisation Specialist

Permanent employee, Full-time · Barcelona
50,000 - 60,000 € per year
Your mission
As a Data Engineer and Visualisation Specialist, you will implement digital products and their functionality.  You will be responsible for bringing digital ideas to life.

You are doing this with us: 
  • Develop and manage ETL processes to integrate and transform data from various sources.
  • Create and maintain a custom dataset using Google BigQuery.
  • Develop SQL queries to transform data and create tables in BigQuery, ensuring reusability, scalability and efficiency.
  • Automate data updates to ensure timely availability of the latest data.
  • Design and implement interactive dashboards in Looker Studio for data visualization and reporting.
  • JavaScript development for Google Apps Script to enhance data processing and automation capabilities.
  • Ensure compliance with EU data protection laws in all data processing activities.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand data requirements and deliver actionable insights.
Your experience
  • Proven experience with BigQuery, SQL, Javascript, Python and Looker Studio.
  • Strong understanding of data warehousing and ETL processes.
  • Proficiency in creating and managing datasets in BigQuery, with an emphasis on writing scalable queries.
  • Experience with data visualization and creating dashboards in Looker Studio.
  • Knowledge of EU data protection laws and best practices for data compliance.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills.
Our Tools
  • Google Cloud Platform (BigQuery, …)
  • Web analysis tools (Google Analytics 4, Matomo...)
  • Dashboards and reporting tools (Looker Studio, Klipfolio...)
  • Tag management tools (Google Tag Manager...)
  • Table tools (Excel, Google Spreadsheets...)
Your peers
  • Digital analytics strategists
  • Developers
  • UX & UI designers
  • Marketing strategists from all digital marketing fields
  • Project managers
Our promise
  • We deliver results - building towards solid long-term business platforms.
  • We make decisions - our customers trust our expertise.
  • We resolve presented business cases quickly - without over-engineering stuff.
  • We embrace change - without long enterprise-y approval times.
  • We share what we learn - with pair programming and R&D times.
  • We adopt high standards - ensuring a long-term return on invest for our customers.
  • We use the best of breed - Asana, Figma, GitHub, Slack, Notion, …
  • We do what we want - we have no "corporate" or VC in the back.
  • We are international - English is the company language across all tools, also with customers.
  • We communicate directly - especially with customers.

This is what we live every day:
  • Independent and self-responsible work is part of our DNA. Flexible working hours and home office are absolutely natural for us – we see our work as a very important part of life. But only as a part that should fit flexibly with the rest.
  • You will find a set of values that we love and live every day.
  • You’ll meet a colourful international team full of digital enthusiasts who burn for their subjects – just like you do.
  • A mentor will give you regular feedback. As we are constantly changing and try to get a little better every day, we would like to see the opposite. Get involved and let us know if we miss a step and what we can do better.
  • There is fresh fruit, coffee and soft drinks in all offices. We also meet every Monday for lunch together.
  • Togetherness is important to us: we meet for team activities and joint workshops alternately in our offices in Karlsruhe, Cologne and Barcelona.
  • You enjoy further education and we support you in this – with language courses, conference visits and further qualifications.
  • We are fond of animals: Dogs can be brought to the office after getting to know them. Currently, the Karlsruhe office offers fish and a fluffy dog.
  • You will have 28 days of holidays. You can enjoy them when it fits best in your calendar.
  • We make sure that you can work under the best conditions: Laptop, mobile phone contract, the right hardware, train ticket or job bike – ride with us!

About us
We create digital impact for our clients. Since we believe that a solid business strategy can only thrive when all aspects of the digital world are considered, we need hands-on experts for all digital disciplines to achieve this. Our services entail digital analytics, strategic planning, project management, UX/design, development, marketing and the education of our client’s employees.

We have offices in Karlsruhe, Cologne and Barcelona and alongside netzstrategen more companies belong to our family to complete our clients’ digital workbench and of our own products and businesses.
Our clients are from many different industries and sizes; we are working for big health corporations as well as small local retailers. We are independent from our clients and other institutions - so we don’t have to answer to nobody but to ourselves. This allows us to work with an open and honest attitude when it comes to suggestions for strategies and implementations. Our clients appreciate this a lot.
Honesty and sincerity are enormously important to us und we live our values in our daily work. We all like coming to our offices, to see our clients and our colleagues. Our community is important to us and we invest time and energy in nurturing it. Work to us is more than just bashing stones for a dime :-)
We try to make decisions together in the company; in our weekly lunch meetings, in our frequent plannings or in our bi-annual cross company workshop, where we all come together physically or virtually to spend some time together and try to keep the companies on the right path.
Sounds like your thing? Then we look forward to hearing from you!
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